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Create house style  – guardian/times

Press list –

industry news


Reviews – categories to be added to each review (e.g. xbox360). The title of each review should always start with the platform the game is from, then the game title. A short introduction to each piece, less than 200 words. Closing

News – News pieces should be less that five hundred words. All images used in news articles should relate directly to the content of the news.

Images – All images used in articles should be as high resolution as possible and displayed at 1080 x 900. For news articles a single image displayed at the head of the post is required. Addition images for news articles can be embedded at the foot of the page or with in the article.

Videos –



AIJ – New Journalism. Jstor search term – Gonzo

Dissertation Notes

These are my dissertation notes from Dave. I haven’t made much progress with my dissertation

Obviously expect much more work at this stage (I.E. draft)

However, mike has finally conducted a literature review, essentially, thats what this is.

Is the hypothesis focused enough? – indeed, it is a hypothesis?

Needs to focus, work, work, work.

Consult the handbook. Even at this stage the format needs to be correct.

Very dissapointing. – good – good

TwinStick Gaming Presentation

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WHAT IS TWINSTICK GAMING – A slick, fresh new gaming site, focused on the Xbox 360, but not exclusive. A less serious approach to game reviews.


IMPARTIAL REVIEWS – Major online publications like Eurogamer, Gamespot, Gamesmaster and IGN all come under heavy scrutiny for biased reviews. Especially if the site has given an unusually high mark to a title that has advertisements and banners on the site.

At present we have no affiliation with developers or games companies. This allows us to be critical and honest with our reviews.  An open and honest criteria for reviews is something that is very important to gamers. No early access to games so reviews will be on almost new titles and older games.


RETROSPECTIVES – Retro and old school gaming is a huge part of the gaming scene. A large portion of retrospectives focuses on truly retro games. Looking into the very first gaming systems. Our retrospectives will feature games from the PS one and up era of consoles. These consoles, for a large group of people, were their first gaming set ups. Remakes are the in thing at the moments. Looking at original titles and their newer counter parts. This would hopefully bring in some extra traffic.


INTERVIEWS AND EVENTS– This section will hopefully contain some in depth interviews with people within the industry. Gamerepublic, Platform and Omerta games will be some of the companies that will hopefully be featured here.


CAREERS ADVICE AND TIPS – Gamasutra has a fantastic careers guide. Ours would follow in the same vain as theirs. We will look into speaking with some online publications, maybe some of the sites mentioned earlier.

Useful links and contacts. Updated monthly.


FEATURES – opinion pieces, Love/hate articles, top tens and editorials will make up the bulk of this section. I have several other writers that will be publishing work with in this area. This is something that hasn’t really taken off in the gaming industry. I want to change that.


VIDEOS – Created by another contributor, edited and partially scripted by myself. These videos will be mainly of game reviews, walkthroughs and some short commentaries.



TwinStick Gaming

This is one of the final designs for the gaming website logo. the colours and layout are about right but the overall look and feel of the logo doesn’t sit well within the site.

Black and red are the colours that will be used. The font and vector images (the joypad) will be changed slightly. The grunge splashes and of set ink blots.

Useful Link

Independent Practice Ideas

Overview of project

Publish and maintain a gaming website.

The end product will be an online video gaming publication. The website will feature text and video content related to gaming. The site will hold various types of written content, from news and updates to reviews and interviews. I will also feature guides and interviews with professionals within the gaming industry. I will be the main editor and contributor to the site, but will have guest editors and some video content provided by others.

Content of site.

Reviews – These will be for new releases and older games. They will follow the style and approach of well respected gaming sites such as, and Each review will be roughly 1000 words with related images. Reviews will be posted as new games are released.

News – This section will be updated several times a week. The information will be taken from online newsletters, developer emails and interviews. The information will be edited down into short 200 – 400 word posts, focusing on the important and relevant information.

Interviews – These will be based around the gaming industry. I will focus on some local gaming related companies, upcoming events and contact some gaming journalists to get an insight into working within the industry.

Videos – The video section will feature short gaming reviews, easter eggs within games, strategies, tactics and walkthroughs of games. It will also show photos from events and competitions.

Upcoming events

  • Assassin’s Creed 3 launch event (Prospect Centre, Gamestation)
  • Platform 2013

Guides/tips & Interviews – This section will be home to useful and helpful information on working within the industry. Similar to

Creating the site.

For this project I will use Wordpress as the platform. I will design and plan the website layout and navigation. Pricing and hosting research will be taken into account throughout the design process. Again, I will look at well known and respected sites like, and These sites will give me ideas on layout and content. Gaming websites will not be my only point of research for the design, other sites and publications will also be used.

  • Web hosting
  • Website design applications
  •  Print/online publications



Student oriented digital magazine.

Todo list

  • Talk to SU about funding and what they would want from a student publication.
  • Assign roles.
  • Research other student magazines.

Student newspapers (what they cover, who reads it, who writes it?)

Student Union contact – Emma Palmer


Leeds student newspaper –
London student newspaper –
The National Student –
Scotland student newspaper –
The Oxford student newspaper –
The Hullfire –

Useful Gonzo & New Journalism Links


Interview with Hunter –

Hunter on Youtube – –

BBC News –…/what_is_gonzo_journalism.htm…