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Amazing Spiderman notes.

  • Best looking spidey game to date.
  • Web rush is a great addition (fast and precise).
  • Combat system taken from Batman AA. not as refined but still better than most.
  • No voice actors from the movie, in fact very little association with the movie.
  • Simple and incredibly easy side missions (easy to complete, city is empty once beaten).
  • Story is ok but with a rich history and a new movie out things could have been better, enemies from the marvel universe are badly realised and all have the same move set.
  • Terrible screen tearing when travelling through the city.
  • Very easy game, even on the hardest difficulty, only issues were with the boss encounters.

Amazing Spiderman draft review.

The super hero movie genre has exploded over he last decade. Thanks to super awesome new computer generated graphics, we can now finally see the likes of the x-men, superman and spidey as we’ve always wanted. Yes, Spiderman 3 was shockingly bad, X-men 3 was also incredibly poor.

Spiderman has always been one of the biggest and most recognized characters in the comic world, and his games, like his movies have had some ups and downs. Before the movies and 3D game engines we would have to struggle with the standard 2D beat-um-ups of the megdrive and NES era. When the playstation was release, we could finally expierence the world of spidey like we always wanted. Obvisouly we couldn’t see the pavement but swinging pass the fantastic four building never got old.

Then it got old. The first spiderman game based on the first movie wasn’t all us fans wanted. But it was an update to the open world formula. We could swing down to the streets of Manhattan and sore high above. Then came Spiderman 2, this was the peak of movie games. With a story that followed the movie closely, then expanded on it. The move set was almost perfect. We were given control over spidey’s webs. Allowing the player to navigate the environment like never before. Things soon went down hill from there. Spiderman 3 came to us at the end of the last generations of consoles. The game was released on PS2, Xbox and the new 360 and PS3. The low end graphics and terrible frame rate really brought the expierence down. Since then the developer has changed hands and had marginal success with much more linear gameplay.

Finally we get to the review. The amazing Spiderman follows on from the movie, so if you haven’t seen it you may find some spoilers within the first few minutes of play. If your like me and thought that a remake of a movie less than ten years old was ridiculous and pointless so never bothered to see it, you can simply skip past the majority of the cut-scenes.

Beenox has listen to the fans and returned to an open world style for Amazing Spiderman. There’s a good chunk of indoor, linear missions but having access to a nicely recreated Manhattan is what we all wanted really. Like its predecessors the highlight is throwing yourself around

Deadlight notes.

  • Piss poor checkpoint system. Long loading after each death totally kills the emersion. Tedious cutscenes after checkpoints mean you are constantly re-watching the same boring scene.
  • Graphics and art direction are fantastic, great atmosphere through out. Some poor voice acting.

Deadlight draft review.

Dragon’s Dogma notes.

  • Pointless story line – Who am I? What do I do? (No real push for the player in any direction) GOOD OR BAD?
  • Day and night cycle works well within the game but can become frustrating over long play sessions.
  • Almost game destroying save-system, due to difficulty levels jumping up with out warning and that damn day and night cycle.
  • Limited selection of weapons for the first few hours of gameplay. Same with major missions and armour.