Edited Images

These are a collection of images that I have in some way edited. Most of the images will be taken by me also. Editing the images myself gives me more control, allowing me to heavily edit the images and avoid most copy write issues.

As DayZ is one of the most featured games currently on TSG the majority of the images needed to be edited will come from that game. Edited images for game reviews and retrospectives will have to be planned in advance. Especially with new releases as getting in game screen captures could be a problem.


Dayz lingor island2

This is am feature image I created using video capture software FRAPS and Adobe Photoshop. I needed an image for an article I was putting together. So far i have used another players in game screen captures. I have recently acquired the same software so I started taking them myself. I cropped the image a large amount, leaving in just the character and some trees as foreground. I edited the HDR settings of the picture to clear the noise. I then dulled the sky slightly (it looked a bit too happy) by selecting the area and adjusting the saturation level. The final thing I did was overlay a cutout filter. This gives the image an almost vector art affect. If time allows I would like to do more of these edits for future articles.


The images below are from a mixture of different games. I created these to keep a uniform style and layout for all our videos.




These images I created for use in specific sections of the site. The top three images will be used as banners for content specific pages. I created these images using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.