During the process of putting the site together several gaming events and competitions are been held. These events will make a great addition to the site. A few of these events I have been asked to cover by the manager at GAME Hull. Platform Expose are also holding some events that I will hopefully be covering to add to the site.


Assassin’s Creed 3 loks to be one of the biggest games of the year. Ubisoft, the developers, have run a vast and impressive PR campaign over the last few months leading up to release. GAME Hull were selected to be one of the main launch centers for the game. Ubisoft and GAME have secured the large atrium within princes quay. I have been asked by GAME to provide a short film of the midnight launch and launch day event.

I was given creative control of the video. I decided on a fast cut film with lots of handy cam work. I had trouble getting hold of a good quality camera, in the end I had to borrow the branch managers low end camera. This created a few issues, mainly the camera couldn’t handle quick changes in light. Pixelating whenever light levels dropped. This made the editing of the piece quiet hard.

I was given a week from the event to finish the film. This was an incredibly strict deadline, I did however complete the piece on time. Below are notes sketches and the finished video. I have not embedded the video on TwinStick Gaming because I have used an unlicensed music track. The track was used in the Assassin’s Creed 3 UK TV ad campaign so I thought it would fit well.

This is a poster I created for GAME to advertise the event.

Here is the video I created for the event. It has been uploaded by the branch manager of GAME Hull.


Gears of War: judgement is the next game in the hugely successful xbox series. Hull’s GAME store has a fantastic event coming up. It’s an exclusive lock-in preview of the upcoming game. I should also be creating a short video for the event. Below are some posters I created to advertise the event. Again I created to variants.

I was unable to get a video camera for this event. I took my Cannon 350D with me instead. I was under strict instructions not to photograph the game itself. Below are some of the photo I took from the event. These are part of an article created by Scott and myself.


Photographs from the event.


For the up coming release of Tomb Raider GAME Hull are hosting an exclusive lock-in event featuring live gameplay and give aways. These are to posters I have created to advertise the event.