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Reviews – In order to stand out from the majority of game review sites, TwinSitck Gaming’s review style will be informal, light hearted and hopefully funny. A narrative style can be used but this may lead to issues when explaining technical aspects of the game. Technical jargon should be explained with in the article or linked from the text. eg. AA (Anti-analysing). Game titles starting with ‘the’ should be capitalised. Addition words that are not lead words should be lower case. This will apply to game developer names and titles. eg. The Lord of the Rings – Rockstar Games.

When posting reviews on to the front page only the first paragraph and lead image should be visible. The ‘read more’ option will then lead you to the rest of the article. Categories to be added to each review eg. Xbox360 PS3. The title of each review should always start with the platform the game is from, then the game title. A short introduction to each piece, less than 200 words. Reviews must be between five hundred (500) and one thousand (1000) words. Closing words should feature an overall critic. A numbered verdict may be added at a later date. A word on multiplayer. It’s important to TwinStick Gaming that we are as transparant as possible when reviewing games, therefore if the reviewer hasn’t approached the multiplayer, it should be stated in the article. System comparisons eg. Xbox360 Vs PS3 should be left to another article, unless its a major issue.

News – News pieces should be less that five hundred words. All images used in news articles should relate directly to the content of the news. Sources for news articles should be displayed at the foot of the page. Pieces should be short and to the point. Five hundred (500) words max. Images used in news articles (namely new screenshots) should be obtained through the official developer website or press release. This will ensure we have the correct images and that they are sourced properly. Links to news sources should be at the foot of the page.

Images – All images used in articles should be as high resolution as possible (1080 x 900). All images, unless stated, must feature a watermark, if they are from another large news vendor. eg. IGN, NEOGAF, etc. User created content should show original artist in post. For news articles a single image displayed at the head of the post is required. Addition images for news articles can be embedded at the foot of the page or with in the article.

Videos – Video capture from the Xbox360 should be recorded at 720p (xbox360 cannot display higher). PS3 capture may vary, the ideal resolution would be 720p. 1080p is acceptable but will need much more storage space and upload times will be large. PC game capture can be done a number of ways, FRAPS video capture or DXtory video capture software are recommended. Both of these programs allow video capture up to 1080p. For additional help with video editing and capture contact the editors directly (Scott & Mike – YouTube is our media vehicle, it does however come with limitations. YouTube locks to 30fps, therefore recording PC footage at 60fps is redundant (unless you plan on using slow motion effects). Upload times can also be a big time drain. Over night uploads are recommended.

Videos will vary in length, their is no set time for any videos. The rough guideline below should help.

  • In-game items (eg. Battlefield 3 best weapons, Borderlands 2 easter eggs). – 5 minutes.
  • Game reviews (voice over commentary) – 10-20 minutes.
  • Tutorials (DayZ, Battlefield 3, Aliens: CM) – 10-20.
  • Lists (Top ten’s, Awards) – 5 minutes.

A front end title image should be used for each video. This can be a simple black background with text. Other styles can be used. They MUST feature, the title of the game and what the video is about. Additional information can be added (in smaller text). This may change to a generic title image  for all videos (editors Discretion).

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