Social Media & Gaming Videos

youtube_iconAll videos created will be held on You Tube. This is the obvious choice, it allows for uploading of large video files and it has the ability to show full 1080p video.

The You Tube account was set up very early in the development cycle. We have been uploading different qualities of video. Another aspect of starting with the videos early is that we can work on the content and length of videos. How long they will be and who they will feature will almost definitely change over the months.

Scott Howarth will be creating the majority of the videos for TwinStick Gaming. I will be adding some video content at a later date.

DayZ will feature heavily as we start to record more PC game footage. This will create some problems with consistant quality as both Scott and myself have medium graphics level computers.

Below are a selection of embedded videos from the You Tube channel.

front cover imageTwitter will be our main social media outlet. We will use it to alert followers to new content on the site and to create a name within the social media community.

Short gaming related tweets and some good links will help to generate a good reputation within the Twitter and gaming community.