Front Page; Main headline, something local that will affect a lot of people and has a strong public interest.

A section at the bottom on a second story, again, strong public interest and should continue inside the publication.

Second and third pages – Spread continuing main story.

Another short but strong story in a section inside the spread, or interviews about the Main story depending what the story is.
Fourth page; Continuation of second story from Front page
Another strong story, something environmental, political, council orientated

Back Page; Main Sports story and headline.
• Full page of story, with side column of another story.
• Back two pages inside; Continuation of main story from back page if big enough. Possible interviews or alternative perspectives.
• Other sports news, second big story.
• Opinion piece column
• Next pages, light-hearted stories, grassroots

Headline of Hull’s Diversity

Sits inside publication
Features student culture making Hull a more diverse place – List events, German market, International student nights etc.

Support/Advice for foreign students

Travel story/recommendation/advice

Possible TEFL plug
Short student focused
Run as alternative piece (not every issue)

Headline title

Short blurb giving details of us as a group (DMJ students)
Page divided into six
Photo of each of us along with short profile (this could hold links to our own sites if we have them)

Top of page split in two. title on left – short description on right

Possible strip running down edge of page (saying what review is on EG. Tech, Gaming, Film)
Two reviews per page.
Name of product as title
Picture related to review
500 – 750 words per review?
Numbered score?
Separate box at foot of review for “Where to find/see product”

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